Meet Rozzi!

rozzi with bagRozelyn is my second oldest daughter, and she is FULL of spunk. We call her our “spirited one” because she is entertaining and adventurous. She tries things that her older two siblings would never have done!

With that said, our newest bag is PERFECT to be named after this 3-year-old bundle of energy! And I love that it’s called the “Rozzi,” her nickname, which just adds to its personality.

rozzi on backThis bag is so different than anything else I’ve made. I’ve wanted to make something like it for five years, but I just haven’t had the energy to do it, since it’s so unique for me! But it was a blast to design, and I can’t wait to see it around people’s shoulders.

The Rozzi is a cross body side-wearing backpack, so she has a very athletic, sporty appeal. She can be rozzi bagworn over the shoulder or across your body, and she feature a zip closure on the side, plus a front zipped picket and two inside pockets. I did a live video on Facebook last Tuesday, which you can watch to get a complete look at Rozzi in several different fabrics!

I think it will appeal to a new market, like the sports mom, the CrossFit athlete, and the college student. I’ve been using it at baseball games, and it’s the first bag that my son Gus has ever wanted out of my line!

And oh, how I LOVE to see my daughter’s eyes sparkle when she sees me working on a Rozzi! It’s just pure excitement. She beams from ear to ear, so proud that she has a bag named after her.

So, make sure to check out this new, fun bag on our website! Remember, you can totally design your own, and we can’t to see what you come up with.