Moxie: Do You Have It?

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mox • ie


force of character, determination, or nerve

DSC_3709.jpgDon’t you just love that word?

We just wrapped up a particularly fun special collection, the Moxie Collection. It represents so much of what Rebekah Scott Designs is all about: you, our awesome heroes. I say it all the time, this is more than a purse. RSD is all about people, whether through coaching, through encouragement, or through being a part of your story with the perfect bag for the occasion. 

My mission is to inspire creativity and confidence, and to me, “moxie” fits right in! 

The Moxie Collection is certainly a force to be reckoned with! Black and white stripes at every angle, two zipper colors, caramel leather — it is just loaded with personality. 

For the Moxie photoshoot, I couldn’t do this one alone. Our heroes (customers) are always wowing us with their DSC_3775.jpgdetermination and creativity, so I asked two special ladies to join me to represent Moxie. Stephanie Wilde and Jessica Schaap are both passionate go-getters who love and serve their families and their community. We asked them a few questions, so keep reading to get to know and be inspired by these gals with moxie! 

How did you meet Bekah? 

Jessica Schaap: I’m pretty sure I first met her at a trade show eight or nine years ago. Then two years ago, I got to know her at my best friend’s trunk show.  

Stephanie Wilde: I met her through Nick’s cousin. I had gotten a purse of hers for my bridal shower in 2005. 

Tell us about your family? 

J: I am a mother of four: my 16-year-old daughter Brielle, my 14-year-old son Sam, my 9-year-old son Uriah, and my 4-year-old boy Jordy James. I have a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog named Jeter, who’s 3. And I have a really old bulldog named Meatball. He's 14 years old — we just don’t think he's ever going to die! And my husband’s name is Jim. 

S: I have son that just turned 11 and a daughter who is 12. My husband and I have been married 13 years, and his name is Dan. We have a beautiful black lab who think she's a princess, and her name is Freya.

What is your current occupation?

J: I am in network marketing, and I also own Koko Fit Club, a gym in Sioux Falls.

S: I am the owner and designer at Say Anything Jewelry. 

Do you have a favorite quote or Scripture verse?

J: My favorite Scripture is Proverbs 31 because to me it feels like she is a working mom. I’ve always thought that that was important. I've been a stay-at-home mom for 16 years, but I've also been able to work as well, which was really important to me. 

S: I suppose since I have it tattooed, I’ll say: “Create your future.” No matter where you are in life, you’re in charge of your future. You’re allowed to make it different at any moment. 

Most adored RSD product or fabric?

J: Oh boy. I’m pretty excited about the Moxie. The last backpack I got was the Lia in a navy fabric for a trip to D.C. with my daughter. I was a chaperone with 65 other 8th graders, so I needed hands-free. It was the only thing I bought for the trip! The funny story is now my daughter has it. So I ordered a new one, which will be the Moxie! 

S: My favorite product is the wristlet. I carry a minimal amount of things with me, so the wristlet is perfect. I can fit my phone, lip gloss, and two Pollys — one for business cards, band aids, and hair ties, and another one for money!

Why is moxie important to you?

J: You know, I would have answered this question differently a year ago. In the last year i was diagnosed with a really rare neurological disorder (MdDS) that shut me down. After I had come to terms with the fact that this was not going to go away, I had to literally use everything I had to find ways to get better and to function. 

MdDS makes you feel like you're on a boat all the time. Going to the grocery store is difficult, and cardio on a treadmill is impossible — and I own a gym. It’s been a really crazy time. I wallowed for a while, to be honest, but then I decided I've got to do something.

When I start a business, it consumes me (in a good way). So I took that tenacity to treat these symptoms. 

S: You've got to speak truth and be yourself in every situation. You have to bring your own unique flair to everything you do, whether being a mom or owning a business, or whatever it is.  

What does moxie look like in your daily life?

J: My moxie is not letting myself become a victim to this diagnosis, and literally scouring the earth. I even went to Amsterdam. I’m hopefully being able to teach other people about taking care of their brain. And now, I can say without a doubt that it has been a blessing.  

S: I kind of march to the beat of my own drum. I do me all the time. My wardrobe might not be what you’d think a professional woman should be, or my approach to business might not be what you think it should be, but it’s me. I really embrace exactly who I am, and I’m always myself in my business and my personal life. What you see is what you get!DSC_3883.jpg