My favorite things:

I think of this phrase so often during the holiday season, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite things: Strange or not, I love these things/experieces/places/people….

1. Cherry Coke. Enough said, I didn’t ever like pop until I got a pregnant, then it was Cherry Coke baby and it never changed!

2. The dryer light inside the dryer, it’s so inviting and the warm clothes, a litte strange I realize but I love that little light of hope.

3. Gus’ laugh when he is really tickled about something, it is so contagious, you just have to laugh with him.

4. My husband walking down our sidewalk on the farm in his boots and cowboy hat, if only he was riding his horse, and tying up after a long day..oh yah….. ;)

5. My mom’s morning phone calls every morning, it’s our version of morning coffee at the cafe, I LOVE catching up and laughing together.

6. The smell of welding dust, burnt hair, and old spice. My dad does a lot of welding, and old spice, the burnt hair is from the brandings out west in the spring, oh goodness I miss those years.

7. The feel of cold plastic against my snowpants, makes me feel like I am 8 again and sledding with the Peterson’s and my two older brothers. Usually it was more about surviving the sledding then enjoying it—, think— ropes, launching and head wounds!

8. My box full of flowers to craft with, I tell my husband often it is my happy place. I could just sit and create and create in the box.

9. Bubble baths and my favorite magazines, Oprah, Country Living or clothes catalogs.

10. Numbers- I love to see numbers on business, they don’t scare me they inspire me. I like to break them down and really figure out what I need to sell in what amount of time to make it all work.

11. Fabric stores. I used to spend hours with my mom in Rapid City just strolling down the aisles dreaming up wha t I would do with all that fabric, and I am living that little dream!

12. Ivy’s little hands on my neck, she likes to play shy and she snuggles me, I prayed for a snuggler, and God delivered!

13. Board Games- oh yah, give me 6 people, popcorn, drinks and a good ol’ board game, and I am in my happy place. Win or not, I just love laughing.

14. My niece Olive’s loves. She is so loving. She tell’s me ”hug, hug hug, and then squeezes away. She asked me this last time if my nursing served up Ivy some “strawberry milk?” Oh boy….

15. The sight of Sarah in my passenger seat of the van, it means adventures and laughs, she is so beautiful!

16. Surprises. oh please surprise me, I even anticipate them which leads to many disappoints, but I can keep dreaming!

17. Hugging my Best Friend Lia and crunching her sunglasses, we are about 12 inches apart and the hugs are the best!

18. Accessories, jewelry, scraves, and hat, of my goodness hats!

19. Late night oreos and milk with my husband in the dark kitchen, catch up time and some pillow talk over our kitchen table.

20. The movie ELF, seriously, the best movie ever, I never watch a movie twice (why waste the time) but that one I could see again and again.

There is a few of them, what are yours? Merry Christmas one and all!