My first autographs!!!

Well it has happened, I have been signing autographs. It’s not exactly my first,–I did sign a mug from one of my third grade teachers when I went back home recently. I made this cross-stitched mug for her when I was in her third grade class. So anyway, my mailman asked that I sign the magazine for him and give him a copy, so yah, you could say I felt a little excited. (Okay, I felt elated!) And of course my Grandmas and parents are big fans as well. I have been given lots of “congrats” and “way to go’s” on facebook which is fun to see also. Feel free to add me as a friend on face book, I give 10% off to my facebook friends. Just use coupon code “facebook” when ordering.

As I write this I am on a roadtrip with my sister, Sarah to Fort Pierre for the Zonta Art show. She is gracious enough to let me use her laptop to record my thoughts. We have been laughing and catching up. She and I thought of this little slogan to describe my week so far (please insert jock jam of choice and slight megaphone voice here) “ From the tumbleweed country of Philip SD to the cover of a MN magazine, REBEKAH SCOTT. (yes I realized a little over the top but we are so thrilled with the publicity!)It’s just crazy to see my dreams starting to really expand and see my vision and mission roll out before my very eyes.

The women featured in the article of the magazine are women in my life who have really made a difference to me. My sister, mom, cousin, best friend in highschool, passion group members and the photographer is also a good friend. These gals have cheered me on and really helped me plan ahead and help realize my dreams.