New Bag! (And Other Exciting Things at RSD)

Spring doesn’t officially begin until Sunday, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had spring fever since January. Here at Rebekah Scott Designs, we have all sorts of new and exciting things to tell you about. (I’m not pregnant or nursing, so I guess my brain has had some extra energy!)

For now I’ll keep the list to three: a look book, spring fabrics, and — drum roll, please — a new bag!

Camera Bag Brushed Feather-81. Meet Poppi

Camera Bag Brushed Feather-5RSD is officially your new source for a CAMERA BAG! Poppi debuted today on our website, and I can’t wait.

This bag is exciting to me because it fulfills a repeated customer request. We did a survey a while back, and the suggestion “camera bag” came up again and again. Well everyone, meet Poppi!

She has padding all the way around, including the bottom, as well as a leather bottom — all perfect to keep your camera protected. There are three interior pockets to fit three lenses, and two outside pockets as well. As you can see in the pictures, Poppi looks like the weekender bag, only a third of the size. She has a zipper top, adjustable strap, and a matching camera strap.

This bag is perfect for the amateur photographer. So if you’re a mommy always running around with the camera (or if this describes your wife), you’ll be able to place your order tomorrow! (Remember, Mother’s Day isn’t too far away…) I’m excited to be stylish as I carry my camera around Gus’s ball games!

My favorite thing about this bag is that it’s named after my dad. My dad is an amateur photographer himself, and we call him Papa Bud. So, Papa became Poppi! I can’t wait to make my dad his first RSD bag!

12841394_10154035422273833_1820008764570368794_o2. Our First Lookbook

In a few weeks, at RSD we are launching our first-ever lookbook, which is essentially a beautiful catalog to display our newest products. This will be available on our website, so you’ll be able to easily see our current selection.

I’m excited about this because our photographer is Jenny Brooks, who has been with us for a long time — she interned for me in high school! We took photos last Friday at a greenhouse in town and at the Bakery, and I can’t wait for everyone to see them. (Here’s a sneak peak!)

We now have long-time customers who really just want to know what is our latest, and I’m excited to provide that in this format!

Fabrics3. Fabrics

Oh, how I love fabrics! Blues are really in right now, and they go well with almost anything! It was so fun and refreshing to get these in over the winter months put me in the spring mood.

There will be more to share soon, but I won’t overwhelm you all at once! For now, why not browse our new fabrics to see what might make a good camera bag?? :)