New Chapter is coming soon!

Hello! Well I have some great news to share, my family is expanding to four members. We are having another baby around Valentines Day in Febuary. We are very excited and I am of course just as excited as I am scared! We had the ultrasound already and everything reported well, so we are counting down the weeks. We don’t know what we are having, we love the surprise and the anticipation, and we think our son Gus likes the excitement too ;) I plan on taking 6-8 weeks off once baby is here. We will still be taking orders, just not filling them until after the break and then the usual 3-4 weeks for delivery. I love what I do so much that even with taking time off, I tell myself, “I can still work, it will be no problem,” but I know better than to rush this time with the new little one, I can never have it back. So there’s the biggest news in the Scott house!

I have a confession to make. I have been listening to Christmas music for days now! I love the Christmas season and I believe you can never introduce the season too early! With that in mind there is only 65 days till Christmas! So if you are thinking about placing orders for your friends and family, now is the time! During the Christmas season, we have a 4 week turnaround because of the rush, so be sure and order online at www.shoprsd.comor email your “design your own options” soon and we can get started and cross that off your holiday list for you! The accessories we have added in the last year are great stocking stuffers as well- the Polly (coin purse), the Pixie (clutch), Barbie (wristlet), and the really convienent Cosmetics bags are great options! So order now and start feeling the Christmas spirit multiply. We also have gift certificates too if you are unsure of how to narrow it down!

We will have the new scrunchy scarves available online too, we have sent the pictures and everything. We sold out of them this weekend at Expo for Her in Sioux Falls! So we know we have got to fill them back up!

Here is some pics of our fun weekend in Sioux Falls at the Expo for Her. We had lots of fans carrying the bags around and that so much fun to see! We even had a group of 4 sisters all toting their “Rebekah Scotts.”

Have a great week, and we will keep you updated on the Christmas countdown and the new arrivals. God Bless your journey!