New Exclusive Collection

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You know I love special collections! Back in May we revealed the super cute Tomboy Collection, and we’ve done various others in the past. Well, yesterday was the first day you can order from the exclusive Jetsetter Collection!

As you can see in the picture, the Jetsetter displays a distressed light denim with warm cream and gray fabrics, and a sunny yellow zipper. This design works great in any season, it’s fun, and it would be a perfect back-to-school look. It’s made with brown leather, and it comes in 10 of our purse styles, as well as many accessories. If you want to see it on video, check out the Facebook video we did yesterday!

And don’t miss this: The Jetsetter is available ONE WEEK ONLY (or while supplies last)! So between today and Monday, Sept. 25, snag one of these timeless purses and consider yourself in the Jetsetter Club! :)

I love doing these special collections because the women who buy a bag have this special bond. At the Brookings Arts Festival, I saw several gals with Tomboy bags give each other a nod, as if to say, “You’re in the club, too.” It was hilarious! 

I never know where I will get inspiration for a new design! I came up with the Jetsetter when I got fabric to make new curtains for Gus. I tracked down a yellow zipper, and the collection was born! 

Last thing I’ll add: if you’re trying to get a head start for Christmas gifts, you won’t go wrong with a Jetsetter. The design is so versatile —  you and your loved ones will freak!

In Him and with love for all things “collected,”