New things a happening!

Hello! Well, here it is Monday and we are off and running! I just took in some new bags to the Trendz boutique in Brookings SD, so if you are in the area be sure and check them out. I took in some new fabrics and some of the new styles, like the Trixie, Rachel and some cosmetics as well.

I also got to start with my intern today. Her name is Jenny Hessman. She is a high school student with Brandon Valley and is going to the University of Minnesota next fall for fashion design. Her family has been big supporters of me and the business and she contacted to me to see if it would be possible to intern with me in her senior fall semester. I couldn’t turn it down! So we talked about expectations and just what I had for her to do. (I had a list already planned!) She is going to help me keep up with the writstlet’s, Barbie, and the Pixies that sell out so fast. I am really looking forward to the extra help.

I am gearing up for two shows this week. One is in Rochester MN this Thursday with Shelby Knutson and her friend Sarah. They are nurses and have invited the whole gang to come and shop. I am looking forward to meeting them all and designing some bags! I also have a show on Friday with my cousin’s wife in St. Cloud MN. They are a fun group of women that work at the hospital with my cousin Toby, who is a doctor now. I am excited to go to the shows because my husband Nick and our son Gus are coming with me so we can see some family as long as we are in the area. Then back home to get some work done on Labor Day! It is called Labor Day for a reason, right? Ha!

Next weekend, Sept 12th, is the last outside show, Sidewalk Arts Festival in Sioux Falls SD. I look forward to this show every year. Usually good weather and always a good turn out. I like to see my regular customers come and fill their orders for their new fall purse. It’s fun to catch up and do a show close to home. We are booth #162, right beside Calgary Church, 11th ave and Dakota. It is a great show with great booths, I highly encourage you to come and shop. The show really ushers in fall, my favoritie season!

I took up something new with Kelo AM 1320 in Sioux falls. My degree is in radio, so I am always looking for opportunities to use radio to help advertise my business. I simply love the medium of radio. So I joined the show on Monday and Friday’s at 10am called “All about Business” with John Ford. ( I have 3 different 60 seconds “ads” that will run motivating the listeners to take charge of life and get motivated. I hesitate to call them commercials because they are not really all about telling what I do for a living, but how to start up your own business and how to stay motivated and inspired. Enjoy listening to them, it was fun to be in the studio again and record them. There will be more to come soon! I think it is a perfect match for me and the business.

What a Monday, we will have new fabric swatches posted soon and the Olive Branch line more streamlined. God’s blessings on your journey!

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