Newest Radio Commercial…

Hello all! I do radio commercials for a local station in Sioux Falls SD KELO AM 1320 and here is my latest version of a minute of inspiration for all. Enjoy ;)

This is Rebekah Scott with Rebekah Scott Designs. I sew and design purses, and accessories. I’ve been in business 5 years and love what I do. Have you made goals lately about that you can do every day, every week , every month, and every year? It might sound overwhelming, but just breaking it down is pretty simple. Here is an example of what I do.

Every day, I do something for the business, it may just be an email, phone call, or google search, but I do something everyday towards my business or a new idea I have in mind. This is especially helpful if you are starting a business.

Every week I write a thank you card on Thursday mornings. I have a lot to be thankful for and I take the time to do it every week.

Every month I plan one hour of visualizing. I set myself apart and just envision what I want to see happen and how to make it happen. That hour is so refreshing and energizing.

Every year I follow up with key players in my business individually to make sure their needs are met and we are growing together. These simple steps are easy to follow and make a big difference in growing myself and business. Ask yourself, what goals can I set?

So go ahead, start dreaming big. Visit my website at to find out more.