Oh summer!

What an awesome evening we just had! I took my little family unit, Gus and Ivy for a picnic on our farm. We packed hotdogs, yogurt, oreo cookies, bananas, and milk—it was perfect! (Except I might have packed more oreos and chocolate and maybe a diet coke, but it was perfect for my toddler ;) We then packed our blanket and of course a soccer ball, Gus LOVES sports, so we never go anywhere without a ball, some kids need blankies for comfort, Gus needs a ball!

It was really a romantic scene with the two of them as we picnice– well sort-of. The bugs were out, the hotdots got cold, and the sun was really hot, but I have a feeling Gus will never forget it,-okay he’s three-chances are he will, but I like to think he won’t ;) I was just so proud of myself for thinking of the picnic and then actually doing it. When I settled them both down for the night, Gus told me- Mommy, we need to do a picnic again- even further away on the farm and let’s bring Daddy! (Daddy has softball on Wednesday nights ;). So yes it was perfect and I will do that again for my soul’s good and for my kids memories.

As for work— still loving it! We are busy getting some new fabrics for fall in and thinking up some new styles, more of the messenger style but smaller for grab and go. Also we have made up about 5 different baby boy booties and we are still working out the kinks to put them into production and get them made up, they are super cute so far. They are all different plaids, with navy blue, black or brown leather- we are calling them….”Gus Stompers”!! I just love the name of course, thanks to my Aunt Jannell who thought of the cute and very appropiate name, little boys do tend to stomp don’t they?

We are making scarves like crazy as well…we will try to keep you updated via the website and facebook about what stores have them and where to buy them. We have great plaids and new neon plaids as well, I have already “claimed” 2 of them and I’m making my sister hold off for the customers to buy first! The sewing closet is full of bags getting ready for Okoboji Art Show on August 7th, and River Boat Days in Yankton SD on August 20-22nd. Can’t wait for both, we love seeing customers and seeing their reaction to our new things. By the way, book your fall trunk shows now, we are filling up really fast, into Oct and Nov. already! Email us at rebekahscottdesigns@yahoo.com and we can chit chat about dates!

So that’s the latest from the Scott household and RSD. I am dreaming as big as ever, I made a goal on my vision board to “design fabric.” So some day- down the road I will do it, just gotta let it happen. Thanks God for making it possible to dream this big, I know You have my back!