Oh the Gratitude I feel!!!

Well summer sure is in full swing and I am soaking up this gorgeous weather and blessings all around.

I was walking across a field to one of Gus’s (our 4 year old) softball game and the sun was setting- the weather was incredible, Ivy (16 months) was on my hip and Gus was running ahead and I thought to myself , “How did I get here?”

Have you ever done that? Asked yourself objectively- like somehow looking from above on your own life and asking , “Just how did I get here?” I think of it often and all the blessings I am receiving every day. Here the sun is perfect, the field is green and the smell of fresh grass, 2 beautiful babies that call me, really me, mommy, a successful business that allows me to do what I love everyday and I’m married to Nick Scott!! And I am able to help my mom realize her dreams through me and being able to work for me and sew all day. Really God- me? This is amazing, thank you.

That being said –that is exactly how I got here. It’s believing I can do this, and depending on a source bigger than myself- God.

Gus hit his first double this week in baseball at 4! I know–’proud mommy’ moment here- but seriously I saw joy on his little face and throughout his body that I just know will always exist in baseball for him. That is where his heart lies, so I pray for a good little athlete and that God will bless his skills to make God even bigger. If God can use purses to allow me to live my dream, why not baseball?

One more story about Gus and then I will get off my Mommy braggin’ bus! Gus has a hard time when you leave for anything, almost like a little anxiety when he is not sure what is going on. You have to reassure him about 100 times about the details of the day or he just can’t handle it. Well I had to run into a gas station to get a drink for the road and I told him to stay put- I would be RIGHT back and to stay with sleeping Ivy. I will lock the van. So I ran in and was hurrying so he wouldn’t be in complete hysterics when I got back. To my surprise, when I opened the van door, he was talking to himself out the window. I proclaimed, “GREAT job Gus, you didn’t fuss at all!” “What are doing?” Gus replies plainly, “I was just praying for those guys over there Mama.” There was a construction crew across the road working. (Yes, here is where I tear up with gratitude. We play this game when we run errands in town that anyone out of a car (like on a bike or walking) we pray out loud for them. For things like- warms beds, warm food, good church, they know God, and then Gus offers his prayers as well-sometimes very comical- who doesn’t want mac and cheese for supper?! So that is where it started and he is now initiating the prayers himself. Good things for the heart.

What a week. A really good week and I really busy week. We are gearing up for Brookings Art Festival the biggest one we do all summer long. We are sewing 40 bags a week to gear up and my purse room is stocked high, it’s only going to get higher! Thank you for continued support and we will continue to make fashionable, functional and fun bags to tote on your cute bare shoulders this summer!

Here’s to a long summer with blessings stopping you in your tracks and have you wondering, “How did I get here?”