On the Road Again!

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I can’t even say that phrase without singing it! But that really describes what is going on for Rebekah Scott Designs. We do love traveling and June is the month to do it! I will be taking my family with me, my twin sister or mom to most shows depending on who is free and wearing sunscreen! We love the actual trip there, we sing and dance in the car, and plan out the days to come. We are also writing a book so that takes up a lot of our road time also. We loving meeting all the different people at shows and seeing them pick out their latest. We love spotting the “Bekah bags” in the crowd too, we just giggle with delight! Be sure to keep updated on the new styles and fabrics and order the one you have to have for that exciting event you have this summer, wedding, vacation, or a goal you met. God is so good, can’t wait to be “On the Road Again!” (Yah, I’m singing it again too!)