Ooh this good life we live…

I know I say it a lot but I really feel like life just can’t get any better! I had a momental month this year in January. I celebrated along side my twin siter a 30th birthday! What a year we have had, what a lot years we have had!! I love being a twin sister and to tell the truth I love being in my thirties now too. It’s only about 7 days in, but so far so good-ha! I had a lot to be grateful for that day and a lot to be grateful for this last 30 years. I did some reflecting on where I was and where I am and goodness I have been blessed. I think of that song by Rascal Flatts about the broken road and where it leads. We have all had our “broken roads” and I think it’s good to look back and see just what we have been ‘riding’ on. God is good and some of the silly prayers or even serious prayers are answered or go answered in a a way I wasn’t expecting. So 30 years have been great but I am really excited to live out the next 30 years. I am a ridiculous goal setter, (it’s in my nature;) and I would like to record some things I want to accomplish in my next 30 years.

1. Go to another country for pleasure.

2. Take my RSD team on a mission trip.

3. Take mini honeymoons every year with my husband.

4. Give up something every year that would make me reflect on what God has blessed me with. (This is a tough one –but I feel very important to realize just how much we really have. I am thinking one year without chocolate, or shopping or just shoe shopping, or bubble baths, or tea, something that is like fasting for a year in reflection.)

5. Send my parents on a well deserved cruise

6. Work up to giving 30% tithe each year

7. Expand my “Olive Branch Line” for the children

8. Meet a celebrity — Nate Berkus would be great! ( a little fun in there is good too!)

9. Buy my husband a really nice pick up and surprise him with it!

10. Continue to manage a business that equips women to stay at home and raise their babies while doing what they love.

11. Design my own fabric line. (We are getting closer!)

These are just a few- but a good start- next I need to create timelines for each goal to make sure I stay accountable to this. I learned about the time line from the book “The 4 hour work week”- I highly recommend.

So here’s to being 30 and happy and ready for more of the goodness. Onward and upward! xxoo Bekah