Our featured artist: Minglewood Studios


Over the years, I have been to many, many art festivals and craft shows — each a great experience for so many reasons! One big perk of the job is that I have made so many friends who share my passion for artistry.

One of these awesome, fellow-artist gals is Carmen Dyar. I met Carmen at a show in Sioux Falls about 8 years ago when I was pregnant with Gus. She walked over to my booth to look at the purses, one thing led to another, and a friendship was born!

Carmen is the owner of Minglewood Studios, which is a design studio that she developed in her own house. Carmen specializes in vintage clocks and in custom sign work. She also made me a sign with a Scripture verse for my girls’ bedroom, which I LOVE!

Just being around Carmen inspires me. Her home itself is an inspiration for the artist in me! She and I can bond over our West River upbringing — we just click so well! Road trips to shows with her are a blast!

Carmen said she got into typography just within the past year. However, she started Minglewood Studios in 1996 as a commercial sign studio. Not too long after, someone gave her a clock that had a vintage, time-worn look to it. The thought struck her: she could make clocks herself, using vinyl scraps from her signboards.

From there, she started making batches of clocks and bringing them to shows. Carmen also does custom design work, which allows her clients to be a part of the design process.

“They really get a hand in creating the clock piece that they want,” she said.

Carmen said Minglewood Studios has had a huge amount of success in South Dakota, and in the surrounding regions.

“I’ve had a lot of people who have held on to my card for years, and then they get a hold of me when they finish doing their kitchen, say, or they buy their first home,” Carmen said.

Over the past year, Carmen has become quite skilled in typography design, using both Scripture verses and other quotations.

“Bekah’s really kind of the inspiration for behind that,” she said. “She sent me a Pinterest quote of Scripture she liked and asked if I could make that into a sign for her girls’ room. I had so much fun making it!”

She designs her prints on a heavyweight watercolor paper, so they are easy to frame.

Before, she had been doing about 12-14 shows per year with her clocks. But now, she’s scaling back a bit to put more work into her typography prints, as well as some volunteer positions in her community. She wants to continue to market her pieces in other ways, too.

“I love Bekah’s idea of doing trunk shows,” Carmen said. “I have done a few, and I’m certainly interested in expanding.”

If you are interested in doing any custom orders, you can contact Carmen through her website. To see examples of her work, click here for clocks, and here, on her Facebook page, for typography prints.

Make sure to look out for Minglewood Studios at your local art festivals!



P.S. – Fun fact: I am currently sewing Carmen’s 13th and 14th handbag. What a loyal customer!!