Our featured artist: Wyoming Silvers

wy silvers

As long as I can remember doing art shows, I remember Jill Hendrix and her business, Wyoming Silvers. The variety of handmade jewelry, decorations and household items is enough to catch anyone’s eye.

She recalled her first memory of me, and it’s too funny not to share! We were in Aberdeen for an art show, and our booths were near each other. My trailer was in line with all the other cars, but naturally I was too eager to set up to wait. So I simply hauled in the trailer by hand.

“I was pretty impressed,” Jill said. What a great memory!

After knowing Jill these many years, I confidently and proudly direct people to Wyoming Silvers. Jill and her husband, Dennis, own the business, and they live in Upton, Wyoming. They do a variety of work, including glass jewelry, silversmith, rope baskets, custom rings and spoon jewelry.

Wyoming Silvers started in the early 80s, and Jill said they mainly sold their items to larger stores, like Wall Drug and Mount Rushmore. Back then, their work mainly included pieces like masks, dream catchers and buffalo skulls.

“We were very earthy and organic to start with,” Jill said.

In the mid 90s, Wyoming Silvers started doing direct sales. Their work also expanded, especially their jewelry selection. Dennis does the spoon jewelry, which is one of their most popular options.

The rope baskets are also quite popular. All the rope has been used by Wyoming cowboys, which gives every piece a bit of unique style and history.

“And I always tell them, yes, I do wash the rope first,” Jill said.

More and more, Jill is loving glasswork. She makes all sorts of jewelry with it, and she is probably most proud of the upscale necklaces she’s been able to produce, like this one:

wy silv necklace

Their website, wyomingsilvers.net, is the place to go if you’re interested in buying anything, but they also come to several art shows throughout the year. They are also on Facebook, which is where they’ll post what shows they are booked for.

So, I hope you take the chance to browse some of what Wyoming Silvers has to offer. Any pictures you see of me wearing cool jewelry, especially if it’s an awesome ring or necklace, you can assume it’s from Wyoming Silvers. My mom, sister and I just can’t get enough of it. And I’m sure you’ll love it like we do!