Our featured boutique: Atoley Salon


As many of you know, a huge part of our business happens because of many retailers in South Dakota and in the surrounding states. So many stores sell RSD purses and accessories, and I am blessed to have such great relationships with them! I’ve always wished that I could plug them more.

Well … now I am! This is the first blog of an upcoming monthly series to feature these wonderful businesses. Today I’m excited to tell you a bit about Atoley Salon.

You know when you find a stylist you just love? And you find yourself making appointments to just see her and catch up? I have a gal like that, and her name is Liz Erickson. She has two little ones now, and we love to talk about them and our farm living. I just love doing business with her!

Liz is the owner of Atoley Salon, which is located in downtown Sioux Falls at 317 S. Phillips Avenue. The downtown atmosphere is perfect for this charming, local salon. They used to be on Main Street, but they moved to Phillips Avenue in January of 2013, and it’s been a great location.


I have known Liz for many years now. Back in the early days of RSD, Liz bought a purse from me, and we’ve kept in touch ever since. She is a sweetheart, and I’m so thankful to be able to do business with her.

Atoley Salon is a 3-chair salon, so it’s not overly large. Liz used the word “homey,” and she said the salon’s distinguishing factor is the local feeling.

“We’re very real and down to earth,” she said. “We’re very honest, and we help people find their style.”

The stylists are genuine, caring people, and most of them grew up in South Dakota. Liz said she likes the local connection with RSD, and selling purses and accessories is one aspect that makes Atoley Salon unique.

Because of RSD’s growing market and clientele, many people recognize our style. Liz said many people sometimes see our purses on the website, so they stop by the salon to look around.

I am so thankful Liz contacted me when she opened the salon, and I hope many of you stop by next time your down town and take a peek! Make sure to check out their website for more information about what they offer.