Our featured boutique: Bundle of Joy Maternity and Baby Boutique

bundle of joy

Question for my Brookings readers: Are you aware that until now, not a single store in town sold maternity clothing? If you’ve been pregnant, I’m sure you are very aware!

Well, for that reason, and because I love Laura, I am excited to feature Bundle of Joy!

Laura Burns is one of my sales representatives, and if you’ve met her, you know why I love her. Her bubbly, outgoing personality is infectious, and she truly has a heart for people. Her creative character shines through at her new boutique, Bundle of Joy.

Bundle of Joy is located in Downtown Brookings at 312 Main Avenue, and it just recently opened September 2.

“Bundle of Joy is a store that brings together mom and baby,” Laura said.

This maternity boutique sells women’s and baby clothing, as well as a variety of other items related to both pregnancy and nursing. This includes things like fetal Dopplers, nutrition packed-snacks, pregnancy pillows, baby toys and Shupeas, which are shoes designed to grow with a baby’s feet until 18 months. And, of course, Laura sells Rebekah Scott Design bags and baby accessories!

bundle of joy - baby boy clothesLaura first had the idea to open a maternity store about two year ago, when she was a college student. For a class she designed a maternity line, and the thought stuck with her ever since.

And then more recently, a friend inspired her.

“My friend went to Europe backpacking by herself,” Laura said. “She told me 2014 is the year, ‘Why not?’”

Laura is recently married, but they don’t have any children yet, so she thought now would be the time to try this out.

bundle of joy - lactation cookie“It’s been a wonderful adventure,” she said.

In the back of the store is a room for parties, like baby showers or gender reveal parties.

“Business in the front, party in the back,” Laura said.

The clothing Laura sells is high quality, and she considers the prices to be “moderately higher end.”

“I try to stay $3 to $10 under online prices,” she said.

Laura said that even though it’s a maternity clothing store, many of her items are for all women.

“Before, during and after pregnancy, our clothing can still be worn,” she said.

Laura does have some help in all this, from her intern, Kylie. Only about a month into business, much of their work has been gaining exposure. In the future, though, Laura has plans to host pregnancy yoga and breastfeeding sessions, and to have a diaper drive for breast cancer.

Judging by the traffic that’s come into the boutique, Laura said people seem to be quite excited for the opportunity to buy maternity clothing locally.

“If I could get $100 for everyone who asked why I didn’t open this earlier,” Laura said.

So, I encourage any one living in or traveling through Brookings to check out Bundle of Joy! If nothing else, you’ll love ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the cute baby attire. :)