Our featured boutique: Trendz


Whenever I’m up in Brookings, I always try to make a stop at one of my favorite clothing boutiques: Trendz Consignment Studios. My mom and sister, who live near Brookings, are always finding awesome things there! So, I’m excited to feature Trendz on the blog.

Trendz is a used clothing store that has something for everyone. They sell men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, along with a variety of local artists’ handmade items.

If you live in or near Brookings, it’s likely you already know the exciting news: Trendz has recently moved to a beautiful, newly renovated historic building. The new location, which was once a funeral home, has been vacant in recent years.

“Historically, I wanted to see this building opened,” said Sara Rowland, the owner and founder of Trendz. “My husband is an architect, so it worked out really well.”

Back in 2005, Trendz started as a children’s consignment boutique on South Main in a 1,200-square foot space. Four moves and 10 years later, it is now located at 225 Main Avenue.

Trendz was at its previous location for four years, which was just a block or so north. The lease was up, and Sara said situations did not work to renew it. So, they closed their old place at the end of May, and opened at the 225 location on June 9.

“We literally got out of the old place and in to here in two weeks,” Sara said.

Renovation to the historic building was quite the undertaking. They removed the drop ceilings to open up a 14-foot ceiling. They also removed the white walls, which revealed a brick archway dividing the store, and the original storefront windows were restored. They tore out what was floral carpeting, and revarnished the wood flooring underneath.

“It’s forced us to be a little more creative with space, in a good way,” Sara said. “I would call this a rustic, industrial, urban environment.”

Sara said that everything they use in the store is recycled or reused, which is important to her. This includes the repurposed wood for the dressing rooms, as well as the old fence posts for the wall-mounted clothing racks.

Within the last three years, Trendz has also become a place for local artists to sell their product. Sara said Rebekah Scott was one of her first artists, as well as “the ground breaker” for new artists to do business with Trendz.

“These local artists are bringing people in,” Sara said. “It’s a win-win for both of us.”


Sara said her main goal with Trendz has always been to provide quality clothing that all people would want to buy, despite the fact that the clothing was previously used.

“I always felt like there was a stigma for second-hand shopping,” she said. But she’s worked hard to correct that, as every item is filtered first through her staff before it hits the racks.

“You don’t have to settle for less,” she said. “You’re saving money, but you’re not settling.”