Our Little Must Haves…

I thought I would blog about what Sarah and I consider show “must-haves.”

We always get groceries to have in the booth because we can no longer smell the fair food without getting a little nauseous after all this time. I can’t eat another corn dog or Indian taco. But maybe someday the aroma will allure me! So for groceries we get bagels, grape jelly, peanut butter, grapes, apples, water, some form of chocolate and Sarah’s latest trail mix concoction. (She likes to do it, makes her feel domestic or something ;).

We always pack her laptop for blogging, a people magazine for a hot bubble bath after the show and usually a hair dye kit for Sarah, (we like to experiment!) We also have a camera, the breast pump, the I-pod, and the infamous tally sheet for fanny packs. That’s right, we tally fanny packs and mullets, if there is a certain number too many, we rethink the show, seriously , the fanny pack was the worst invention ever, who wants to add weight to any part of that region, and the mullet died in the 80’s, let it go, not let is grow!

Sarah’s usually has her lesson plans for her full time job as a pre-school teacher and I have my design pad to sketch anything I see that I think would be fun to add to my line.

So there you have it, the must-haves, now back to tallying mullets and fanny packs—-