People Behind the Purses: Sarah

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I am always so thankful for my customers! I love working in the Midwest because it doesn’t take long before customers become friends, and my friend-customers are the best. :) 

We’ve done a few surveys to get customer feedback, and we take these surveys really seriously! We’ve been asked repeatedly for a smaller bag, which is why I’m so excited to have Sarah join our collection! 

This bag is named after my twin sister and best friend, so I’ve been dying to come up with a bag that I knew would stick around for a long time and really represent SarBear. Well, this is it! It measures 9 inches deep, 4 inches wide, and 9 inches long. It can be worn three different ways, and as always, you can pick out all the fabric! The design is very similar to a Jill, only smaller. In fact, I have four bags that I call “sisters” because they have a similar design, with size being the only difference! Here they are, in order of big sis to little sis: ElizabethPhoebeJill, and now Sarah. This bag will be perfect for the summer, when you want something lightweight and still high quality.

We had such a fun time with the debut on Facebook! Sarah and I did the video together, so it was sweet to share our relationship with everyone and to see people’s comments. 

Just like my sister, the Sarah bag is super cute, and I think it will be the perfect size that people have been asking for!

The other item we always get requests for is a large cosmetic bag, and we want to give what customers want! This new item is perfect for travel, and unlike most cosmetic bags, it’s not ugly, black, or boring! :) Like all my products, it’s washable, so no worries about makeup spills.

One super funny story about the large cosmetic that I have to share: When we did the Facebook video, I told Rozelyn that she could sit next to me as long as she didn’t talk. Well, she did what she was told, but I apparently forgot to instruct her not to play with the makeup! Without me noticing, she went right for the red lipstick, and later, she displayed how to put on deodorant. :) She totally stole the show. My dad couldn’t wait to tell everyone at work! 

So the large cosmetic is fun for ALL ages! :) Right now would be the perfect time to snag one for a grad gift to send a special girl off to college. You could pair it with my jewelry wrap

And to close, let me just say THANK YOU to you for all your feedback! Keep it coming, and we’ll keep providing your stylish accessory needs!