Our Tiny Coworkers

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rsd-86 (1).jpgI want you to know, when I say the studio is hopping, usually that is a literal description! Our most energetic office assistants are about three feet tall, and their joyful outlook and enthusiastic helpfulness remind us why we do our jobs every day. 

My youngest daughter Pixyn just turned 4 a couple weeks ago, and Angie, my office assistant, brings her 3-year-old daughter Jovie to work as well. So we always have a good time in the midst of cutting fabric and taking phone calls! As you might guess, they definitely teach us to do multiple things at once. :) The potty breaks and dance breaks remind us why we do what we do! 

I want to tell you a little about these two girls because they really are at the heart of our mission at Rebekah Scott Designs. Since the beginning of RSD, I have been inspired to prioritize my role as a wife rsd-81.jpgand mother, and to help other women do the same. (Many of our employees are moms who also work from home!) 

If you’ve watched my Facebook live videos, you know my kids are in and out of the studio all the time. I’ve given them their own scissors as early as possible, and Pixyn is always “sewing” something in the background while we work. I came up with Pixyn's name before she was born, and the inspiration came at a Fargo art show. I met a girl named Pixie who rode her bike all around town, and I thought she was just the coolest girl! I also wanted to honor my brother Philip with a “P” name, and so came Pixyn.

IMG_1333.JPGWe've nicknamed her Mighty Mouse around here, but now it's shortened to Squeak because her voice is so tiny — but she's still mighty in determination! She loves to play by herself with Barbies or babies, and she likes to bake, skip, and snuggle. An awesome fourth to have! 

And now about Jovie — she just cracks me up! She loves to be organized and methodical, just like her mommy! She has her own little work space, and she just thrives. :) She loves to be given jobs, like stacking boxes or something similar! She is constantly on the go and loves music and dancing and any opportunity to be a "helper." Angie and her husband prayed their baby would be a joy, and so her name comes from "jovial," which means cheerful and friendly. And that she is!  

Do you recognize the girls’ names? Each of these tiny coworkers has an RSD product named after her! The Pixie is our adorable clutch purse, perfect for holding a cell phone, wallet, and lipstick — everything you need for a IMG_9724.JPGnight out! They make great bridal gifts by the way, as we get close to wedding season!  

The Jovie is our laptop sleeve (which fits perfectly in Angie, our laptop bag — adorable, right?!). She can fit a 13” or 15+” laptop, and is also perfect for tablets. These would make great graduation gifts!

With both the Pixie and the Jovie, you can design your own, so I encourage you to get creative! And if you have “tiny coworkers” running around you today as well, I hope you enjoy them and let them remind you why you do what you do!