People Behind RSD: Mollie

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IMG_20171209_163127_688.jpgMeet Mollie Blaschko, my super star accountant. You guys, she is the real deal. Somehow she teaches me about numbers without talking down to me at all! She is ALWAYS encouraging, and she never misses an opportunity to see the good in some reports. 

I am excited to see what our future with Mollie looks like. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll need a full-time accountant! ;)

What is your role at Rebekah Scott Designs?

I work with Auten Accounting Solutions and am Rebekah’s accountant.

How long have you worked for RSD?

I’ve been working with Rebekah since about fall of 2014. She was one of my first full-time clients :)

Tell us a little about your family.

I have one brother who is a diesel mechanic that lives in Brookings. My parents live on a farm in Minnesota, which is actually the Blaschko homestead and ironically is on Hooterville Ave (from the TV show Petticoat Junction). I grew up with a very large and close extended family, which was an absolute blast and made every small occasion a celebration.  I don’t have any kids but I have an amazing nanny family that I’ve been with since they were 9 months old and 4 ½ (the boys are now 6 and 10).

Where is your hometown?

Le Center, MN. I’ve been in Sioux Falls since 2009 when I moved here to go to Augustana.

What are some of your hobbies?

I love to travel and spend time with my family and friends. Having a close extended family, I have relatives all over the country. This past December I was in Arizona with my Grandma, and this summer I went to North Carolina to see a cousin, Alabama to visit my college roommate and Hawaii with my mom to check it off our bucket list.

Do you have a favorite RSD purse? What do you like about it?

I love my Phoebe! I use it every time I travel because it is the perfect size to use as an oversized purse without it being too bulky.  I also am teaching this semester, so I use it every day to haul my laptop and books. :)

Do you have a favorite RSD fabric?

Anything in teal or gray. My Phoebe is in a Teal Arrow. But I’m eying up the in Rozzi in Chalk Dust.

We’re curious about a few of your favorites: favorite book, favorite restaurant, favorite place you’ve traveled?

Favorites are hard because I love so many things.  My favorite restaurant is actually a coffee shop in St. Peter, MN called River Rock. Every time I’m home I have to go. It’s where one of my best friends and I get together every year and exchange Christmas gifts and where so many amazing conversations have happened.  My favorite place to travel has to be Arizona because of the people I get to see and the stories I get to hear. It’s also gorgeous weather in the winter.

Is there a specific way working at RSD has had an impact on your life?

Rebekah has taught me a lot about running a business through the eyes of an entrepreneur and has been so encouraging throughout our journey together.  I’ve gotten to be with her through her times of growth and learning to figure out what works best for RSD.