People Behind the Purses: Anita

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Jade Metric Anita, Caramel.jpgShe’s here! Anita is a small Ivy, which has been much requested and long anticipated. It took me a while to get the design perfect, so I’m super excited for our minimalist gals who want to carry less! (And I aspire to be like you, but let’s face it, it will probably never happen!)

Anita is an adorable small handbag, perfect to carry your essentials without the extra weight. It has interior and exterior pockets, so even with a small purse, everything can stay organized. 

This purse is named after two wonderful Anitas in my life, and I’m excited for you to meet them both. The one I’ve known the longest is Anita Peterson, my aunt from out west. :) We may not be related, but it sure felt like we were all those years growing Ebony Anita, black vs Ebony Ivy, black_front.jpgup! Our families were good friends, and she always cheered me on in everything from 4H to athletics. We still visit often, and my girls think her house is so cool to visit! (They both like decorations with sparkles!) Aunt Anita is an impressive woman in so many ways. She’s a grandma to maybe a dozen, and she serves as the President of the Associated School Boards of South Dakota. She’s a wonderful aunt, a wonderful grandmother, and a wonderful community member. Can you tell I love her dearly?!

The other special Anita in my life is Anita Dixon-Dueis, who has been a seamstress with me for longer than I can remember. Let me tell you, she is a master seamstress — and also a close friend. When she gives me positive feedback, I am thrilled because she is so accomplished! She brings incredible workmanship to our team, and she’s also a fantastic grandmother, sister and mom. It is truly a privilege to work with her!

1. How do you know Rebekah?

Anita Peterson: I have known Rebekah her whole life. Peggy is my best friend and the Eggers were our neighbors (by a couple miles) in Philip. Our families spent a lot of time together. I happened to be with Peggy the day she found out they were having twins!
Anita Dixon-Dueis: Rebekah recruited me to sew for her about February 2014. I love sewing Rebekah’s purses. For me it is about the creation coming together. Each time I find a fabric or design that I think I must have, Rebekah comes out with something new. I can’t keep up! 

2. Give us a brief bio of yourself.

Anita Peterson: I grew up in the Wall area. I have lived on a ranch near Philip for 47 years.  I have five children — three boys, two girls — and 11 grandchildren. I used to love to sew and do crafts and cross stitch, but now I like to travel and follow all the activities and sports grandkids are involved in.
Anita Dixon-Dueis: I grew up in Champlin, MN. I graduated from Anoka Senior High School and went to college in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have a grown daughter with two little girls of her own. I have a son with two daughters and a little boy. They are the most important people in my life.

3. How many RSD purses do you own?

Anita Peterson: I have seven purses, plus I have had a couple wallets. (I have a couple of the first purses with ribbon strung through them!)
Anita Dixon-Dueis: I don’t know, but I like to travel, so when I went to Italy for my 60th birthday, I took my Lia and my Elizabeth with me!

4. Do you have a favorite fabric?

Anita Peterson: I love lots of the fabrics. At this point my favorite purse is the Sarah with Confetti.

5. Do you own/have you seen the Anita bag yet? What do you like about it?

Anita Peterson: I have only heard about it from Bekah. I like smaller purses, so am anxious to try it. I ordered the leopard fabric (Animal Fever), which I love, and I told her to surprise me with the lining and zipper!
Anita Dixon-Dueis: I have just ordered an Anita. I like the compact yet classic size of it.

6. Do you have favorite movies or books?

Anita Peterson: I can’t say there is a favorite movie; I just love to go. I attend a movie almost every weekend at our little theater in Philip! I am also kind of the same with books. I like easy-reading romance or based-on-truth historical books.
Anita Dixon-Dueis: I enjoy outdoor pursuits like gardening, cycling, snowshoeing. I like epic western movies and historic novels. Although, my son recommends an occasional science fiction novel for me! 

7. Do you have a quote or motto you live by? 

Anita Peterson: Probably my motto would be the thoughts I had when my husband passed: “You can choose your day: be happy or feel sorry for yourself. So choose happy, smile, have faith, and enjoy your life.”

8. Do you have a must-have item in your purse, and why?

Anita Peterson: You would probably always find some wadded up kleenexes and stale cough drops in my purse! You just never know when you or someone else will need those items. :)