People Behind the Purses: Annie

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IMG_1111.JPGMy western roots are are coming through with my newest purse design! We’ve been doing rodeo all summer, so I was inspired to create the Annie saddle bag.  

I just love saddle bags on the back of a motorcycle or on a horse’s saddle, and the curved design reminds me of a sweetheart wedding dress neckline. We get so many requests for small purses, so this is such a fun way to meet those needs with a Western flair.  

Annie measures 11 x 3" at the base, and it is 5.5" deep. It has an adorable flap closure with a magnetic IMG_4572.JPGsnap, and it features a back zipper pocket. Like always, you can design your own, or choose from our Ready to Ship options. 

As you might guess, Annie is named after an awesome friend of mine who is a true cowgirl. We grew up together West River, and I can still remember when she moved into town after going to country school. I just thought she was so cool!! We played varsity volleyball together in 7th grade, which meant we spent a lot of time warming the bench for seniors. I can still remember, we used to sketch outfit designs because we were going to be designers in California. ;) 

Now, Annie is one of those friends who I can pick up with wherever we left off, even after years and years. She is a really great mom and homemaker. She team ropes with her husband, IMG_7843.jpgshe’s raising three buckaroos, and she loves to craft on the weekends. I could think of no better person to be my saddle bag’s namesake!  

How do you know Rebekah?

I've known Bekah since around the 4th grade. My sisters and I started taking piano lessons from Bekah's mom, Peggy. We loved going because it meant that we got to play with Bekah and Sarah when it wasn't our turn for a lesson. They were so fun and had the COOLEST Barbie house with all the accessories. As we got older, we played sports together and became best friends.

Give us a brief bio of yourself. 

I was born and raised on a ranch north of Philip, SD. I am married to Zach, and we have three kids: Retta, Ridge, and Rio. We live north of Box Elder, SD, and I work at a bank in Rapid City. I love to ride horses, team rope with Zach, hike and bike in the Black Hills, camp with the kids, and travel with my two sisters. 

How many RSD purses do you own? 

I have seven RSD bags plus several accessories. 

Do you have a favorite fabric? 

I am really loving the blue spruce fabric! I just got the wallet in that fabric. I also like anything with polka dots!

Have you seen the Annie bag yet?

Yes! Bekah sent me pictures of the Annie bag, and it is adorable!! I love the flap on it!

We're curious about a few of your favorites. 

Favorite book: Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin  
Favorite TV Show: Parks & Recreation
Favorite Ice Cream: Bubble Gum

Do you have a quote or motto you live by? 

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Do you have a must-have item in your purse, and why?

Must have in my purse: lip gloss and hand sanitizer.