People Behind the Purses: Ashley

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The Ashley will always be one of my favorite bags. To me, she’s the perfect size when you’re on the go, fitting your essentials and then some. But even more than I love this purse, I love the sweet girl I named it after! 

Ashley is my super adventurous sister-in-law that lives out in Montana with two little ones. She has always inspired me to work harder, especially by challenging my body. If you keep reading you’ll see that she loves the outdoors! So without further ado, meet Ashley!

How do you know Rebekah?

Bekah married my older brother Nicholas. She is my sister-in-law! 

Give us a brief bio of yourself. 

I live in Missoula, MT, with my husband Steve and our son Maximus! We will be blessed with a baby girl December 2016. We have chickens and two labrador retrievers, Dakota and Duke.

My full-time job is being a mom, and I have too many part-time jobs to list…in the fitness industry! Living in Montana, God offers so many enjoyable hobbies for our family, from downhill skiing, fly fishing, trail running, mountain biking, to backpacking. We are BLESSED with his beauty daily!

How many RSD purses do you own? 

I own ten bags. Most of mine are RSD vintage collection. If I lived closer I would have more. They are hard to resist! So many fun colors and styles! 

Do you have a favorite fabric?

This is a tough question. I’ll give you my top three: Brushed Feathers, Denim Seaside, and Graphite Vines

Do you own the purse named after you? What do you like about it?

I do not own one yet. When my kiddos out grow all their stuff I need to pack around, I’ll get to downsize my bag I carry. 

We’re curious about a few of your “favorites.”

Favorite movie: Gladiator 

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite ice cream flavor: Oreo

Do you have a quote or motto you live by?

God always gives us what we need, in time!

What is your must-have item in your purse at all times and why? 

My wallet, cell phone, and a snack bag so nobody gets “HANGRY”!!