People Behind the Purses: Jenny

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Collar Ends Jenny, black with Jenny Eggers model 3.jpgMeet our newest overnight bag: Jenny

It’s the perfect size for a short trip, or if you are a bag lady who always wants to carry more. If you know someone who always wins those shower games when you have to see what you can find in your purse — that’s who I’m talking about. ;)

The Jenny is smaller than the Elizabeth (our weekender) and bigger than the Phoebe (best for baby, work and travel). It has a large interior cavity with six pockets, along with two large exterior pockets. It can be worn crossbody or on your shoulder, and of course, you can design your own. 

Jenny is named after my sister-in-law, who loves shopping and hair and makeup and carrying everything with her everywhere. She is certainly the right girl for our overnight bag! She once showed me her overpacked Angie, and I knew I needed to help her out! ;) 

Jenny and I actually met through our girls’ preschool. I still remember when she came through the Cartwheel Jenny, caramel_model Jenny Eggers, horse 3.jpgdoor and had the friendliest smile. At first I was drawn to her cowgirl boots, and after one conversation I thought, “Gosh, this girl is full of Jesus!” 

After getting to know her more, I sent her an awkward Facebook message about my brother, Joshua. Well, fast forward a couple years, and they now have a beautiful blended family, and we all love her to pieces. 

I also want to tell you a little about Jenny’s newest venture, which combines her passions for horses and people suffering in mental health. She recently became the sixth practitioner of the Draper Method in the nation. If you want to learn more, listen to this Encourager episode. I learned about the Draper Method at Start Fair, and I told Jenny it involves horses, and she did all the research from there.  

Jenny has a Facebook page called 605 Roots, where you can learn about her services and book an appointment with her. She practiced on me and my children, and I can tell you with first hand experience that she is incredible.

I could go on and on about Jenny, but I’ll let her tell you a little bit about herself instead!

How do you know Rebekah?

In 2014 our daughters were in preschool together. 

Give us a brief bio of yourself. 

I was born and raised in Niobrara, NE by my dad and my grandparents. I was the youngest of three kids. I grew up in the country and loved it dearly. I was made to be outdoors! I spent most of my time riding my horse, Trigger, and loving on my pets. Niobrara is located by the beautiful Niobrara and Missouri Rivers, so we went trapping and fishing A LOT with my dad. We also enjoyed summers tubing and farming.

I still spend as much time as I can outdoors with my husband Josh (Bekah’s brother) riding horses. Our kids have taken to riding horse as well. We now have five horses.  

We recently got married in 2017 and share four kids together: Zayden, 12; Olive, 11; Kinley, 10; Stein, 8. We’re crazy blessed!!  

I’ve been a massage therapist for 17 years and recently started Draper sensory therapy with two of my specially trained horses, so I get to adventure outside of my dark, quiet massage room a couple days a week to work outside. 

How many RSD purses do you own?


Do you have a favorite fabric?  

Anything animal, cheetah, and cowhide are my favs. But I love yellow too.  

Do you own/have you seen the Jenny bag yet? What do you like about it?

Seen it and LOVE it. Why? Cause this baby is BIG!! I love me a big bag!  

We're curious about a few of your favorites?

Favorite movie: Sweet Home Alabama
Favorite book: Bait of Satan
Favorite food: Seafood!!! And I love naps.  

Do you have a quote or motto you live by? 

Life will change without your permission, that attitude will determine the ride. 

Do you have a must-have item in your purse, and why? 

Lip gloss. I’m addicted.