Polly uses!

Oh for all the fun in the world! We have had the coin purse called “Pollies” for quite some time now, but each time we sell one we hear people tell us what they use theirs for and the list is quite helpful, comical and exciting!

Polly’s are named after my Grandmother Pauline who always had this beaded one that my twin sister and I loved to play with in her purse. They are about 4 in x 4in and perfect for lots of things.

Here is some suggestions we have been hearing for what to use your polly for:

Jewelry pouch

Pacifer holder

Tooth Fairy helper

Credit card/licence holder

Sweet Sucker holder

Gift card wrapper (wrap your gift cards in this.)

Coin collector

Dare we go on? As you can see-many uses- much fun! Get yours today at www.shopsrd.com, the fun continues ;)