Proud to be USA Made

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IMG_1685.jpegHappy Fourth of July! I hope you are feasting on hot dogs and watermelon, with lots of sunscreen nearby!

In light of this relaxing and meaningful summer holiday, I want to share how thankful I am for our wonderful nation. Living here makes me grateful I can run a business how I want to, and I’ve been given so many opportunities to succeed! I’ve been doing Rebekah Scott Designs for 15 years now, and I’ve always been able to stay true to my values and priorities. I raise my kids at home, and I employ many other moms who do the same. What a blessing!

Also, we are 100% USA made (to the degree I can know)! We have always valued the highest quality fabric, leather and hardware, and as you know, everything is handmade with detailed love and care. Our seamstresses are so talented, and they put up with all my last-minute demands and creative bursts! I love to brag about my team — I couldn’t do it without them! So below are a few pictures to show off some of the wonderful women who are normally behind the scenes. Enjoy!