Ready-to-Ship Here to Stay

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Still looking for that perfect gift? Can you believe that it’s December 21 and you can STILL order a Rebekah Scott Designs bag in time for Christmas?

This is thanks to our first-ever ready-to-ship collection. Now, instead of waiting four weeks for your bag to be shipped, the wait can be cut to two-three days. Last-minute shoppers, rejoice!

This ready-to-ship launch has been a HUGE success, and it’s been keeping me super busy! We are shipping twice a day, so I’m constantly on the go. Tis the season! ;)

This was all thanks to our awesome marketing consultants with Alluvio and my team. They made the suggestion at a meeting a few weeks ago, and by midnight that night we had the collection up and running on the website! (They were super impressed with our awesome team!)

Like I said, this has been so, so successful. Because of this, we are going to keep the feature for the new year. I’m super excited about this! We’ll see how God uses it, but ready-to-ship could potentially be a huge game changer for RSD. It’s so exciting to have Him always bringing new options and possibilities before me. 

So, if you’re still searching for that perfect gift, go check out our collection!