Reflection time

Each year in January I do a lot of “reflection time” to evuluate what I should improve on and just what I should change for the new year or make better for the new year. I have been reading a book titled, “How Successful People Think.” and have found it really helpful! It is just little ways to help your thinking reflect “success” in your life and business. I really liked these questions that the book presented on what to ask yourself everyday, so I have them here for you. (In paraphrase form) I would encourage you to buy the book and ask yourself these questions each day as well, I have found it really helps!

Ask the right questions: Reflection time every day!

Personal growth:

What have I learned today that will help me grow?

Adding Value:

To whom did I add value to today? How did I do it?


Did I lead by example today? Did I lift myself and organization to a higher level?

Personal Faith:

Did I represent God well today? Did I follow the golden rule?

Marriage and family:

Did I communicate love to my family today? How did I show that love?

Inner Circle:

Have I spent enough time with my key players? How can I help them to be more successful?


What did I discover today that I need to spend more time thinking about? Are there lessons to be learned? Are there things to be done?