RSD 2017 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

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rsd-108.jpgDid you know that Christmas is only 35 days away?? Keep reading, and you’ll see that now you can shop for all your loved ones at one convenient stop! 

In the last couple years, Rebekah Scott Designs has added a huge selection of items that would make great gifts. We have gifts in all price rsd-30-2.jpgranges, ones that would fit everyone from your essential oil-loving sister to your world-traveling cousin. In this blog post, I hope to give you a list of suggestions to help you pick the perfect gift for someone special. Make sure to check out our 2017 Gift Guide to get a visual of everything I list here. I just love how it turned out! 

First of all, gift certificates! These of course are great for any giftee, but I especially think of all our dear husband shoppers! We get so many men who want to buy a purse for their wife, but they don’t know where to begin. An RSD gift certificate not only blesses your loved one with a super cute purse or accessory, but she also gets to make it personal by designing it herself.

Baby Moms: We have a whole Baby Collection — again, items in all price ranges! You can go all out with the big Phoebe for a baby bag, or we also have super cute Baby Bibs and Paci Clips if a smaller gift is more suitable. We have many gender-neutral fabrics, perfect for expecting moms! 

Dog Moms: Speaking of our Baby Bibs, can you picture your “best friend” looking SUPER cute in a bandana?! A Polly would make a perfect stocking stuffer for treats, and the Rozzi is your go-to hands-free purse for the dog park, or for when you’re out on a walk and need a place to stock your doggie bags. 

Students: The Kinley Cube and Wristlet are perfect for this stage of life. Students often make several weekend trips, and the Kinley Cube would be a cute way to organize all their travel essentials. The Wristlet is perfect for an evening out, and it’s great for carrying their daily essentials, like a cell phone and student I.D. 

Guys/Gift Certificates: Our new Intersection fabric is super coarse and heavy. It would look great on an Elizabeth or a Kinley Cube! And don’t forget, you can always go the gift certificate route if you are unsure what fabric to go with. :)

Travelers: We also have a whole Travel Collection for you to check out! The Olive and Elizabeth make a perfect weekender bag. They fit airline measurements, and they aren’t a boring black or brown! :) The Rozzi, Jewelry Wrap, Kinley Cube, Sunglasses Case, Wristlet, and Cosmetic would also all be perfect for your loved one who’s on the go.

Teachers/Nannies: The Cosmetic Four-Pack, Wristlet Three-Pack, or the Polly 10-Pack all make great bundles for gift giving. Fill one with your giftee’s favorite candy, or maybe a hand-made craft from your kid! Any teacher or nanny will love the thoughtfulness. A Melissa or Gretta would be make a fantastic teacher bag, and other ideas include a Lanyard, or a Jewelry Wrap.

Photographers: Take a look through our Photo Collection! We have camera straps and camera bags that are both stylish and functional, and the variety gives you pricing options. Specific suggestions include the Poppi and Poppi Pro, Camera Strap, Ruffle Camera Strap, Cosmetic, and Polly.

Essential Oil Users: Our Essential Oil Bag conveniently fits 12 15mL or 5mL essential oil bottles, perfect for organization at home or when traveling. I know any essential oil lover who receives one of these would feel so loved because it’s such a personalized gift! Our Pollies are also great for organizing those little bottles! Check out our Polly 10-Pack! 

Pocket Lovers: We have a collection of bags that would bless this loved one! Especially popular: concealed Phoebe, Jill, or Laura, and a Wallet to match. 

RSD Fanatics: Perhaps someone on your list already has an RSD bag (or maybe more than one!). The Accessory Bundle would be a great option for them! It includes a Wallet, Cosmetic, and Polly, all which can coordinate perfectly with your giftee’s favorite purse. Another great option with this in mind would be a Pixie! And lastly, our Christmas Pillows would help RSD lovers add style their home with our iconic fabrics.  

Business Minded: Did you know I wrote a book that came out last spring? Equipped to Execute would make the perfect gift for anyone you know who is looking to start their own business, or who wants help dreaming big and seeing those dreams come to fruition. Other ideas to help these hard workers achieve in style include a Cosmetic and Jewelry Wrap, since they are often on the go!

Last but not least, YOURSELF: We know December can fill up with staff parties and Christmas get-togethers, and a Sarah, Pixie, and Wristlet would all make a perfect accessory for these occasions. If you want a little gift for yourself to keep you hands-free on those busy shopping days, Rozzi and Lia are your gals. They are both lightweight, hands-free backpacks — and of course, super stylish! :) Lastly, consider treating yourself with a coaching session with yours truly. ;) If you have big dreams for your family and your career and think a little counsel and expertise would be just what you need, take a look at my personalized Business Coaching or A Day with Bekah Workshop.  

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year. I started listening to Christmas music mid-September, so for me, I’m always in the mood for holiday planning! ;) 

We also have something exciting coming up this December. You’ll hear more about it this week, but I’ll tell you it will start December 1st and will last 12 days. If you can picture me in pointy shoes and striped leggings, we might be on the same page! ;) 

I hope this gift guide is helpful to you! Purses and accessories make the perfect gifts because they are easily made personal by sticking in a handwritten note, or maybe a card with a Bible verse. After all, the greatest gift is not something you’ll find at Rebekah Scott Designs — the greatest gift is Jesus, God who became man to save sinners!

“And the angel said to them, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.’” Luke 2:10-11