RSD Celebrates Sweet Sixteen

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rsd-29.jpgCan you believe it — we at Rebekah Scott Designs are celebrating our Sweet Sixteen! Sixteen years of creating high quality, handmade purses and accessories. Sixteen years of employing women, helping them both provide financially and raise a family. Sixteen years of growing in creativity and confidence, and helping others do the same.  

Thinking about these sixteen years fills me with gratitude, brings tears to my eyes, and gives me chills. I’m amazed how God has blessed this girl who just wanted to make purses for a few Christmas gifts!

And throughout these 16 years, my mission has become clearer and clearer: RSD exists to help women see their own creativity and feel more confident in all their roles. I know women gain confidence when they create, and this enables them to serve and love others more. 

So how does RSD play a role in a woman’s creativity and confidence?

Let me introduce Sonja and her daughter, Kris. Kris was going on and on about her new RSD purse. Sonja was excited for Kris, but she was a more Coach purse woman. :) Kris brought her mom to a couple art shows, and Sonja began to realize the joy Kris experienced as she paired together fabrics, leathers and zippers. Kris would geek out over a new style perfect for her son’s tournament days, and Sonja saw the joy and confidence her daughter was exuding. Multiples times she would see her daughter receive compliments on her purse, and Kris would proudly say, “I designed it!” Sonja realized this purse was more than a purse — it was a personal display of her daughter’s creativity, and it clearly gave her joy. Sonja then set to design her first bag, and she has never returned to another brand. She, too, stands proud as people compliment her and recognize the joy in her step. 

Mission accomplished.

Think of a time you’ve created something. Maybe a recipe, something handcrafted, a cleaner garage, or even an organized spreadsheet. I’m willing to bet you felt totally accomplished and euphoric. You were so absorbed in your new creative work that you weren’t quick to post it or share it, but rather you just sat with it and enjoyed the accomplishment. Maybe you got that tingle in the back of your arms, or a sly grin across your face, and if your name is Rebekah, perhaps a really awkward dance ensued. ;) 

I believe we are made in the image of God, who created the world and said, “It is good.” When we create, we too can take joy and say, “It is good.” Throughout these 16 years, my purpose has increasingly become to share this creative experience with others, so that ultimately, they can more clearly image God.  

Women today are required to fill many roles, but many of us often feel like we are barely getting by. At Rebekah Scott Designs, we provide the best experience for women to enjoy a high quality, handmade purse that will keep them organized. This helps them feel more prepared and confident to take on each day. The process of creating allows women to know the value of her own opinion, how to express it and cheer it on in other women.