Scotts in the Summer + Limited Rodeo Collection

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IMG_1510.jpegMy husband is a farmer, so I often say that summer is my harvest season, because if you didn’t know, we hit up a lot of art shows! I absolutely love the hard work and excitement of it all, but it also makes me treasure our family time throughout these warm summer days. So, what does summer look like for the Scott family, apart from road trips and sewing? 

We live out of town, so we thought a pool would be a good investment — and it totally was! The kids have been in the water every day this summer except two, and they also make good use of our trampoline rummage sale find. :) As much as possible, we are in the pool together, and we love to take long walks on our country roads in the evenings. Just the other night, the girls found every frog imaginable — something I would never have done as a kid! (I would have made Sarah, my sister, do it!)  

DSC_8995-Edit.jpgAnimals in general are a big part of our summer. The girls just got a bunny named Leo, and we frequently go riding with our horses. One of the many blessings of living in the country!

Our summer is also filled with baseball games. Gus is on the All Star team, a traveling baseball team that is super competitive, which makes it so fun to watch. Gus is an awesome catcher, and he has a super strong arm on him. Watching him play has just made me fall in love with the game! We bring along homemade popcorn (packed in my sporty, hands-free Rozzi!), and we all have a good time. 
 The photo to the right shows off Rozzi, Erin and our Key Fob in the Spearhead fabric, with black vegan leather and a flashy red zipper. Such a fun style for ball games!

We also go to the rodeo every other week. It’s a great family activity close to our house, and our kids love it. Plus, my girls love showing off their cowgirl boots, as you can see in the photo at the top of this post!

Onward and upward,