Seeing Dreams come true for others…

I find myself getting emotional just thinking about writing this story. My mom is a master seamstress; she taught me everything I know about sewing. She has been sewing since she was little. This year so far has proved very exciting for her and her journey of happiness.

Ever since I started my business I have been praying that somehow my mom would be able to start her own business and gain confidence in her skills. And my prayers and dreams for her are coming true.

You may have noticed the home décor link on the website explaining that Peggy Eggers handles that side of things. It is so exciting for me to see her succeed and really do what she loves.

When I speak for different groups, I talk a lot about your own passions and how to discover them and then how to reach them. I ask the people in attendance to ask themselves two questions, first what were you doing when you were four? And second, what is the first thing you think about in the morning? Because chances are that is where your passions lie and probably where God has gifted you. I use my mom as an example because at 4 when she was playing paper dolls with her 4 sisters, she was busy rearranging the cut out furniture and cutting out different fabric samples for her house. She wasn’t as interested in the paper dolls, but their house with the furniture and curtains. She loves decorating and sewing window treatments– and I mean she loves it like I love my work and that means- a lot. I lose sleep when I have a new idea for a new design, she decides not to sleep and just start the project, even in the middle of night. My family and her sisters often tease her about how often she changes her home to fit her newest inspiration. (They don’t tease her however when she helps them change their homes!)

This last year has really got the ball rolling for her because she officially started sewing window treatments outside her inner circle. Her business is called “Affordable Elegance.” And the name really sums up what she aims to do. She aims to please her customers and change their homes “look” without breaking the bank. It’s like she often says, “It doesn’t have be to expensive to look expensive.”

I love seeing her grin from ear to ear when she is telling me about the latest project she is working on and how she envisions it completed. She is very good at helping the home owner narrow down the look they are going for and how to go about pursuing it affordably.

If the only reason I am succeeding at my love of designing is so that she could see herself succeeding at what she loves, then it has been worth every minute.

She’s bubbly, knowledgeable and already in love with your home. Meet Peggy Eggers, and get ready to be inspired.