Show Season Comes to a Close

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Confession: I had my ceremonial cry as I left the Sidewalk Arts Festival a couple weeks ago. It’s always my last show of the season, so it’s always a bittersweet time for me. I LOVE Show Season (even when I’m completely wiped out), but I also love hunkering down in my studio! 

IMG_8994.JPGI want to just say, thank you for coming out another summer in full force! It was so great to see the heroes who’ve been with us for 10 years, as well as meeting so many new faces. I loved traveling with Sarah and Terra (picture to the right), and — can you believe it — our cargo van Jerry made it another year! We caught up with many sweet families, like the one in the picture above! This was one of our many sister pictures, with family members all showing off their cute RSD purse. :)

With the temperatures dropping and only one kiddo at home during the day, I just soak up the time in my studio. Now is when I really start updating styles and fabrics and preparing for the holidays. Speaking of updates, did you see the new His and Hers Kinley Cube Collection? It’s worth watching the live video, just for the laugh. My awesome husband filled in to showcase the new collection, and only he could find a way to mention guns in a purse video — live! I should have known. ;) But for real, this may be the first bag I’ve made that Nick will really use. It’s waterproof and super durable, perfect for hunting or any type of traveling.

Another way I get to expand my creativity is with my podcast, The Encourager. Can you believe we just kicked off Season Six?! Amazing! If you’re new to the podcast, the first episode from this season is a great place to jump in. You can hear all about what the Scott family is up to, and it’s packed with some of my favorite life tips. 

It is truly my joy and honor to be part of a larger story, larger than just a purse. If I said it was “just a purse,” I would never have built RSD to this size! So my encouragement to you: Don’t settle for “just.” Turn your eyes upward and outward, and see what God might do in you and through you!