Snowed in and loving it!

olivepictureOh goodness, what a couple of weeks we have had with weather! I hope everyone got to where they were going for Christmas and got home safe as well. We went to my folks place and made it just fine and couldn’t leave for 5 days, but it was wonderful to have that long for vacation!

I love blizzard days, especially when my whole family is with me. The only little problem with blizzard days is that while I LOVE working at home, even when everyone else can’t get to work, I can still work, so that is a little conflicting . It’s a good thing I love what I do, or I would dread these snowed-in days.

So I have been busy catching up on the various lines and filling orders, scrunchy scarves, Barbies, frayed scarves and 2, count them!, 2 new styles that can be worn across your chess that are adjustable. I haven’t even named them yet, but look forward to who they will remind me of and just who will be granted their names. I think they will be received well and I can say now that I do have some messenger style bags that are adjustable, I love filling a need!

My niece turns 1 tomorrow so I have been brainstorming on what to give her. I think I may make her a very little purse, after all, she should be initiated into the purse community appropriately! I made her an adorable hat for Christmas and have been given some good reviews on it so maybe I will have to add hats to the Olive Branch line when I get up to full speed after baby arrives.

Only six more weeks to go and this baby is debuting! I am excited as well as scared for all the busyness and lack of sleep moms get. I am also encouraged though because God has always provided me strength and endurance and proven me wrong,-thank goodness!

I have just booked the first trunk show for late March in Minnesota, so if you are thinking you would like to be a part of our “tour” in the Minnesota area for trunk shows, email us at and we can talk about some dates and plan out some girl time! The host benefits include a FREE scrunchy scarf right now for booking. ;)

Check out in the coming weeks to see the new additions, and in the meanwhile-Enjoy our winter wonderland!