Snowflakes and Stitches Holiday Show

I simply LOVE Christmas. I am a freak about the whole season! I’ve been listening to Christmas music since September, and I’m putting up decorations on Sunday. Needless to say, to me, it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

bekah christmasWould you join me in my holiday love for Rebekah Scott Designs’ first-ever holiday show? It’s called Snowflakes and Stitches, and it will be open house-style from 4-7 p.m. on December 3rd and 4th. We’ll have everything you need to get in the spirit — lights, music, cupcakes, coffee, and of course lots and lots of purses. We will also have free gift wrapping, so come and get a gift ready for someone special on your list!

On top of all this, we are going to do the biggest giveaway drawing that we have EVER done. It’s called the four by four. One winner will receive a WHOLE YEAR of RSD products. So they will get a purse and an accessory four times for a year, and we will blog and use social media to let everyone know what the winner receives throughout the year.

Did I mention that you might not want to miss this show?

I’ll be honest though, I am a little nervous. I’ve done shows similar to this in the past, and six people showed up. So, I’ve been humbled, and this time I will be excited to see whoever walks through the doors!

We will have loads and loads and loads of purses and accessories available for you to buy on-site, but if there is still one you want that’s not there, we can still place your order. And remember, December 6th is the deadline for all Christmas orders. Better mark that down! :)

You also have a unique opportunity to host at Snowflakes and Stitches. To be a hostess, all you have to do is sign up and bring six people. This will get you all the hostess benefits (like $10/purse purchased, $2/accessory purchased and $1/person you bring), and you won’t have to clean your living room! Only 10 hostess spots are available each night, so email to sign up or learn more.

I’m really excited about this show because I just love opportunities to thank customers one-on-one. This will be my first time having a show just for RSD, so like I said, I am bubbling with both excitement and nerves! I just can’t believe this small town girl gets to host her own show in Sioux Falls. And I can’t wait!

So stop by Snowflakes and Stitches, hosted at the Bakery, a new entrepreneurship business in Sioux Falls, at 910 North Main Ave. Again, it is December 3 and 4 from 4-7 p.m.

Merry Christmas!! (and Happy Thanksgiving too!)
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