Success comes in all ways….

Ivy & GrandmaHello all! We just got back from Shakopee MN for the spring festival show and we did so good! I had such a great time selling with my twin sister Sarah and having Mom come with to watch Iversyn. It was sort of like a “girlfriends weekend.” With Ivy only 6 weeks old, I had my mom come along to help with her so I could still nurse and just be with her. We had a blast. What a blessing to be in this family and for them to truley believe in me and travel with me wherever my desires take me. I am one blessed girl.

Hot Pink Pants

Hot Pink Pants

We even wore our “uniforms” on Sunday to the booth. I got us hot pink corduroys to wear along with our Rebekah Scott Designs t-shirts. Iversyn even got a pair of hot pink pants from her Aunt Lia. So we got a picture to savor the moment. There was something about wearing those hot pink pants and tshirts that really made me feel like I have made something of this and I felt really fullfilled and excited about where this is taking me and my family. Thank you fans for making this possible, I will not let you down.

I also got to meet Alison Werder, my sales rep from the cities area, in person. She is perfect for the job, I am really excited to see where she will take our business as well. She is well informed and LOVES my things, what better match is there? If you want to book a show in the Minneapolis area, let us know, and you can book with her. She has a great mix of bags and accessories to show you and all my swatches to even design your own with her. Welcome Alison, here’s to a journey we will remember!

So that’s it for now, but we are getting lots of acceptence letters to the Art Shows, so be sure to check our “calender” on the website, to see where we will be next. Okay back to the grind, gotta cut out those babies booties!