Summer bliss!

What an awesome summer! I simply love summertime and love my life in summer. I can’t believe school is starting so soon!

We have Okoboji this Saturday, and we are really excited. I have about 40 more pairs of Ivy Toes to bring and they are so cute, I am just glad I got them done in time for it! We also have plenty of pollies, cosmetics and Barbies to go around also. It seems this summer our accessories lines are just flying off the hook, and it’s tough to stay on top of things and get them all done and out there. The show is 10-5 and we have a corner booth again- #14, hope to see you there!

What a week I have had with ND! I am so pleased we did the Fargo Street Fair, we have had a lot of follow up orders this week and there is nothing better! I love giving customers even more of what they like and when they advertise to their friends and family our customer base grows and grows, thank you!

I have been shopping some new fall fabrics, and I just simply can’t wait to get them in! They are so fun, and this time really textural, I just love it. Great color, great texture and great fun! Stay tuned for the ones I get made up!

It was perfect weather this morning for a run. I got up early because Iversyn slept through the night and I couldn’t believe how well rested I felt and I knew I better use all the energy! So I ran and then reflected with my bible and journal and then my brain started brainstorming like crazy about business and fabrics and designs, it’s going to be a great fall full of new styles and new inspirations! Thanks again for a great summer so far, and here’s to a great August!