Summer In Full Swing

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19905059_10155570943303833_1266979098298690009_n.jpgWhew — we are in the middle of Show Season, and we’ve just finished a few of our biggest weekends. I’m finally taking a little breather! 

The Brookings Summer Arts Festival, the Downtown Street Fair in Fargo, and the Festival in the Park in Spearfish were all fabulous shows, and it was so fun to see each city’s customers. 

In Brookings, we almost had our first fist fight! Not really — but our customers are so comical and loving. One woman was debating over a purse for 20 minutes, and when she looked away her bag was in line with another woman! Thankfully she was able to order the same one for herself and avoid bloodshed. ;) 

In general, Brookings customers are just a fun group. They love to carry the bag they bought the previous year, assuring me at checkout, “I paid for this last year!” And this summer, there was this exclusive club for the Tomboy Collection! Multiple times I saw ladies eye each other and say, “Oh, you have one, too!” There are only 54 bags in the whole collection, so I think people with one feel quite special!

Fargo and Spearfish were also great. If you remember me saying in my last post, they were scheduled on the same weekend, so I went to Fargo and Sarah went to Spearfish. (We literally drew straws!) So I was by myself in Fargo, and I found out I had more strength than I thought. I had to set up and tear down the booth every day, and I did! I also wrote a few podcast episodes, and I had great, long conversations with customers all day. I missed Sarah like crazy, but I’m so glad we could do both!

Sarah said the festival in Spearfish was in such a beautiful park. She did run into a small problem right away — they skipped her booth! So instead of being in the original hot, full-sun spot, she got put across the park underneath a big tree for shade. God cares about the little things! 

We did a little competition to keep it fun: the first one to sell an Olive gets a two-hour break at Yankton Riverboat Days! :) We are also heading to separate shows this coming weekend, where we’ll do another little competition. Sarah’s heading to Parkston for Old Fashioned Saturday, and I’m going to Madison for Mart in the Park. 

Like I said at the beginning, this last week has been a refreshing short break! I got home late Saturday night from Fargo, and we left early the next morning for state baseball. They were great games!! We finished with two extra innings, and Gus had this amazing catch. (Let me brag about my son for just a minute!) He had to play outfield, which isn’t his favorite. Somebody hit the ball WAY out there, so Gus sprints like 15 yards, jumps high to make this catch, does some kind of summersault in the air, and the crowd goes crazy! However, as all this was happening, Pixyn fell through the bleachers! It’s so hard to focus on toddlers when a baseball game is going on! Luckily there were no serious injuries. :)

Lastly, I just want to remind all of you that my book Equipped to Execute is still available on Amazon! And I would be so grateful if you’d take the time to write a review. 

Thanks for all your love and support! 


P.S. — How exciting it's been to introduce "My Why" video! I'm so grateful to do what I do, and this video captures it better than I could hope for. I want to give a huge shout out to Ludeman Productions for their AMAZING work!