Summer Lovin’

We are so experiencing summer loving this summer! We love the heat, long days, pool days, and cucumbers out of the garden! May summer go even longer please!

Well we were sewing 40 bags a week to gear up for Brookings and Fargo and then I thought things would slow down, but we are still sewing 40 bags a week to keep up! Thank you so much! The good thing, we are getting use to the bulk and still allowing time for the pool , gardening and swing sets. Plus a few picnics along the way ;).

This week at church we were asked what is worship and what does it mean to us? We went around the circle and shared our answers about the question (yes our church is small enough for this!). I had a hard time narrowing it down because I feel like I have so much to be grateful for and so much to share about blessings. But a few were particularly on my mind this week. First I think worship is being still enough to hear and see God in every day things. I often pray and speak of God but I don’t always get still enough to hear or see Him. But I am getting better because He keeps showing up! This week we were jumping on our neighbors (cousins) trampoline, just me and the kids and we laid down for a minute on the soft canvas to just look up. Here above us was the most beautiful spread of trees in full bloom and the sun spilling through the branches. We were in heaven. It was a beautiful summer day and we were here in this moment while God romanced us. That was a moment of worship. And I would like to say that I made a teachable moment of it and talked to the kids about what God makes, the trees and sun, and I did a little, but the moment called for being still and “soaking in” the worship He offered us. Life is good, thank you God. I hope to see worship moments more often throughout my days and be ready to be still for them.

On a completely different note but rather fun none the less– I was shopping for a pair of comfy slippers, that just sounded good to me and thats what I wanted to do with my “fun” money. (Dave Ramsey followers will know what I mean here!) So I went to target hoping to fulfill my indulgence and came across the most adorable pair of red peep-toe pumps and thought–Well sometimes in life it’s fashion over function, and I voted to have the money spent on a great pair of heels instead of slippers! And you know what? I haven’t regretted it one bit- they somehow give me confidence. I hope that some of our products can do the same for you. I hope the provide comfort, fun and the “red peep toe pump” feeling when you leave your home!

Have a great August, and remember to worship in the ordinary!