Okay, so officially I am overdue and this is has been a learning experience! We went early on our due date with our first born Gus and so I figured of course we will go in early, but I was wrong, which brings me to think of what I have learned through this. I have little notes all over my sewing space and house encouraging me or uplifting me all the time. So I had sticky notes hanging up with the word LABOR on them. And I would just think “labor” to keep it in the my mind and speaking, thinking and visualizing it. Well that hasn’t been working, so I was getting really down about things because I love working and LOVE what I do and I didn’t plan it right for time off with baby and I wanted to enjoy baby already, and I have been at a stand still. So just as I was praying and asking for forgiveness for trying to do things my way all the time, I heard a sermon at church called “Surrender.” I knew God was speaking to me and telling me, “Bekah, please surrender this to Me.” And so yes, I changed my sticky notes to say “Surrender”. So right now, I really have a peace so to say about this baby and His Divine timing. God-I surrender all.

I also did some brainstorming on things for the business in the new year and also for this summer and my family. As far as business we are definitely introducing a key loop to hook your keys on. Which I find pretty exciting, one more thing to keep us organized!

And then I was thinking about my family life and how to communicate love more this year. I am going to write a thank you card to each one of my children on Thursday mornings. I already write one thank you card to someone I am thinking about on Thursday mornings, so I am adding my family so that someday Gus and this baby can read them. I have so much to be thankful for and setting a day and time each week allows me to remember that and praise God for that.

So I encourage you to set a day and time and be thankful for your loved ones too, it really satisfies the soul and feels so good!

So until next time, I surrender!