Sweet Apricot Has Arrived

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Sweet Apricot Polly.jpegAllow me to introduce Sweet Apricot, our spunky, fun, and juicy limited collection accessory line! 

I just love accessories. As the designer, it gives me more freedom to play with fabrics, since I’m not as limited by fabric width. And simply as a woman, I love to peek inside my purse to see fun, exciting accessories.  

The Sweet Apricot collection has a sweet and tart orange exterior, and the lining is a creamy aqua that balances the orange perfectly. It reminds me of having an orange creamsicle on a really hot day. Doesn’t this seem perfect for July? I think it’s a great pick-me-up for this strange, Sweet Apricot Kinley Cube_open.jpeglong season we are in! 

It is available in all accessories, but only as Ready to Ship. Each will have the signature gold tag to show it’s part of an RSD limited collection — which, remember, that means it’s only available for one week, or as supplies last! 

I’ve also got one more pick-me-up for this long summer: we are into Season 13 of the Encourager! I could not be more thrilled with what we have coming up. I have some guests who have a lot to say about pivoting during a crisis, and as always, to encourage you to be successful and creative in your callings. 

Here is the Season 13 episode list:

  1. Gut Punching Mistakes
  2. Extraordinary Effort = Extraordinary Results
  3. How to Pivot with Clint Brown
  4. Revisiting Your “Me System” of Self Care
  5. Why Your “Where” Matters with Tiffny Hagan
  6. Is Your Limited Belief Sabotaging You? with Rebecca Weiner

The Encourager is available on the Encourager website, as well as the iPhone Podcast App, Stitcher, iTunes, and Spotify. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review! :)

And lastly, take a look at our Encourager Membership Group. I get to coach in a small group setting, so it’s very personalized to your situation. The price is $30 a month, so now is a great opportunity for you to invest in your business and family. 

Onward and upward,