Textile Tips

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Did you hear that now, when you design your bags, you can also choose your own lining?! Each exterior fabric has been carefully matched up with three to four interior lining fabrics for you to preview and select, so you now have total control of your RSD purse. 

With this new feature, I thought it would be a great time to write a blog post all about fabric! And let me just say, I LOVE fabric. I get so excited when the UPS comes with a new package. It’s the only time I wish I had co-workers — so other textile lovers could share in my excitement! 

I’m always adding new fabrics and updating my collection, and this year I’ve been really inspired by blues. Normally people think of yellow and pink for spring, but I’m just really into cool shades right now, like Blue Tide and Blue Lagoon! I also just added Confetti — such a fun print that made me do jumping jacks when I first saw it!

People will ask me where I get my inspiration, and one place is a lot of different magazines. I love to see what’s trending, but I make sure not to look at Pinterest because I want to be careful not to copy other ideas. When I choose fabric, I try to find things that make people say, “Oh, that’s Rebekah Scott.” I love textures and layers of colors, so you’ll find I don’t have very many 2D geometrical designs. I like rounded corners, even though square geometrics from the 90’s are very in right now! 

I also have people ask me how to choose fabrics when designing a bag. If you ask me for advice, you’ll end up with all sorts of fabric! (We always joke: Don’t ask Bekah if you want to narrow down options!) I love fabric, so for me, the more the better. :) But, it’s whatever you like! I’m not matchy-matchy, so I either choose fabrics with similar tones, or I pair using opposite colors on the color wheel (so blue and orange, red and green, or yellow and purple). 

I hope these textile tips will give you some inspiration to get creative designing your own bag