The Dog Days of Summer + New Product from Rozzi

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Dog Toy, Grape Bouquet.jpegJuly normally means non-stop travel for me, so 2020 is giving me a new take on this hot summer month. Longer nights, lots of grilling, basketball in the driveway — maybe this is what most people do in July normally!

I’ll be honest, it feels a bit unusual to do summer with less travel, but I really am embracing the increased family time. The girls and I have started running together, and we’ve been doing lots of horseback riding. As I’ve been able to do more stuff around the house, I’ve been realizing how much I really do need to be hands free! So I’m either wearing my Brittany or Erin as I pack a quick picnic lunch, and I wear my Erika crossbody for baseball games. And boy, do we represent well at baseball games! I always bring my Philip Tote, and the girls all have Rudys. Nobody mistakes our family! 

A big summer highlight has been falling in love with our new puppy, Case! She is a 4-month-old English Shepherd who fulfills my long-time desire of having a fluffy dog. She was supposed to be a farm dog, but we have all fallen totally in love and have adopted her into the family. And I just have to let you know, the girls and I had adorable girl names picked out for her, but we got outvoted. ;)

And speaking of our puppy, I can’t wait for you to see our new RSD dog toys, designed by my 7-year-old daughter, Rozelyn! Since Iversyn has been making chapstick holders, Rozzi wanted to make something too. The dog toys have a wooden ring with a 12-inch knitted braid, so it could be used for tug of war, or just as a chew toy. These were a 4H project, and we just added a couple steps to incorporate sewing. I reminded her to kick it up a notch from the average crafter, and they are already approved by Case!  

And for all you dog moms, you know you need a fun way to carry the dog toys! I recommend either a Rozzi or an Erin. Both are lightweight, and you can fit doggy bags when you’re out for a walk, plus a Polly for their treats! 

Love from our family to yours!