The Newest Addition to our Purse Family!!

Meet Pixie! She is fun, portable and even has class to boot! She has just enough room for your cell phone, the perfect shade of lipstick, some cash, and your keys, and the other essentials for the perfect evening out. She is approximately 10 inches by 7 inches. She is $30.00 and will available on the website, through the shopping cart soon. Or get creative and design your own by emailing your idea to I created her because I have a secret fetish for evening bags. Somehow I think my husband will get the hint that I would like to go on dates more often, because he will get lots of attention due to the fabulous evening bag that his wife is carrying! In the past I have admitted that I am a big bag lady, but I also love efficiency, and that is exactly what Pixie brings to the party. So get your groove on, Pixie is your new girls night out!