The Scott Family Christmas Letter:

Merry Christmas!

You may remember that each year we write about what we learned in our marriage and parenting. Well this year we learned so much, we couldn’t fit it all in, so we will just highlight our many “learning” experiences!

Whew! What a year we have had. I just finished all the Christmas orders at 4:29pm yesterday, so I had one minute to spare! Pressure was on! I often use the phrase “Here…we…gooooo!” in my blog entries and in my emails to describe our lifestyle and way of viewing things. We are on a roller coaster ride and right before we get to the top, we scream, “Here we go!” and most of our lifestyle is like that.

Our biggest news to share is that we had a baby girl, Iversyn Pauline, on Feb 28th. One of each has been so much fun. Iversyn is very -very smiley. We describe her as “Mostly sunny with a chance of thunderstorms” because she is very happy or very upset, no in-between. Nick says she is a lot like her mother, but there is no doubting she is Nick’s little girl! She loves to be held and is by definition a “Mommy’s girl.” I go everywhere with her on my hip. We joke around that I could win some kind of contest of how much you can do with one arm!

Gus is the big 4 now and one busy athlete still. For his birthday party this year he had a hockey party with family. He still loves sports of all sorts and plays them as much as possible; we have to ball-proof the house a little for him in the winter. We have to remind him a lot that is he too good now to play baseball in the house, which he persists he can just “tap” it, but that is still not okay! He will start preschool in January. Gus loves clothes and changing about 4 times a day, my mom says it is payback for my ridiculous ways as a kid. ;)

Nick is continuing to work with his dad on the farm. We also bought another 10 head of cows. He is helping a local plumber when needed too. My oldest brother, Philip has started his own business in Sioux Falls working construction and Nick is excited to start working with him. He sure has picked up all kinds of good skills! Nick managed to squeeze in some coyote, deer and some pheasant hunting. Nick had his own camp this summer at Lake Poinsett called “Wild at Heart” for high-schoolers. It is based on the way God forms male and female hearts. It was great to get him back home after a long week.

I have had a great year with Rebekah Scott Designs. We have increased business significantly and we can contribute that to all the art shows, facebook and my new sales reps. I have 5 very fine women now selling my things so I can keep sewing my things! We went from doing an average of 20 bags per week to 40! I have 4 part-time employees and 2 babies at home that help out sort -of, or at least keep things comical! My mom has taken over my accessories line and boy we keep her busy, she just keeps shaking her head with all this success and saying, “I should have known!”We have a blog, website, shopping cart, and a fan page on facebook. Visit to see all the products. This year we introduced baby shoes. The girl shoes are called “Ivy Toes”, and the boy ones are “Gus Stompers.” Those little shoes may just pay for their colleges! I love what I do, and it wouldn’t be possible without all the help from my folks, and Nick’s and of course family neighbors!

What a fantastic year God has given us. May He bless your new year with adventures and His peace. If you find some “stillness and peace” send it our way! Ha!