These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

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Raindrops on roses and patterns on purses,
Bright colored zippers and giveaways for nurses…

Ok, that’s the best I can do! Hopefully you know the tune that’s in my head! ;)

I have something fun and a little different for you in this post. You hear from me all the time, so this time I wanted to poll some of my awesome staff and let them share their favorite RSD products. Remember, these are the people who shed sweat and tears to produce these things, so if they still love them, you know the product is tried and true!

My favorite thing about this list is how varied the responses are! They all have different favorites, which encourages me that our selection really serves a wide range.

You'll notice my staff is like me — they love fabric! You can see all our current fabrics that they mention (and more!) at this link. 

Mollie Blaschko: Accountant 

Favorite purse: Rozzi! It is great for travel, and I love the convenience of one shoulder style. It’s been nicknamed my Mary Poppins bag because of how much I can fit into it without it looking overloaded!

Favorite fabric: Chalk Dust! It’s simple but has a fun pattern. It also wears well. I’ve had my Rozzi in it for two years, and it still looks amazing!

Angie Sattler: Executive Assistant 

Favorite purse: It's a tie between by Jenny and Philip Tote. I have two kids and the Jenny carries EVERYTHING I need! And I love my Philip Tote for carrying things like extra snacks, a change of clothes, or whatever else I can't live without. 

Favorite accessory: I love my Jovie. It's my office on-the-go (whether I'm setting up in different spots in my house, or hitting the road). It safely stores my laptop, a folder and notebook and my favorite pens. 

Favorite fabric: Midnight Geo and Constellation! I love the texture and pairing a geometric outside fabric with a floral lining (my favorites are Rose Boho or Petal) and a fun colored zipper!

Sue Filler: Seamstress

Favorite purses: 

  • Ivy is my favorite purse. It’s classic and stylish. 
  • I love my Olive for travel. She is so convenient and organized for traveling. I have even checked her at the airport. 
  • My Philip is used all the time! He goes to the beach, on car trips and has even been my carry on! You can put a lot in a Philip!

Favorite fabric: Both waxed canvases (Olive and Charcoal) have aged so beautifully. The older the bag, the more supple the fabric becomes. My Philip in Olive is perfect!

Nicole Jellema: Customer Care Extraordinare

Favorite purses: 

  • Laura: I wear crossbody, and I always get the concealed pocket for keys. I love the size!
  • Peggy: My current style! I got Black Waxed and it is so sleek! I love that the Peggy has a zipper on the back and pockets on the front, and I always wear this one crossbody too!
  • Wristlet: It has so many uses, and it’s a great price! It’s perfect for times when I only want to bring the essentials: phone, ID, credit card and chapstick ;). I have used mine many times for concerts, weddings and girls nights out! I have given wristlets for gifts as well!

Favorite fabrics: 

  • Black Waxed Canvas - SO sleek!
  • Midnight Geo with green zippers
  • Frosted Lace
  • Mauve Stripe

Nikki Dunbar: Business Development Director 

Favorite purses: 

  • My favorite bag is Phoebe. She was my first and is now my most used. I even just bought a second one to use as a baby bag! I love how much it holds and that it still looks cute and not like a gigantic bag (though I do love a big bag!).
  • Laura is a close second and was my everyday purse before baby.
  • I also really love the wallet! I used to think I wouldn’t need one because I was happy with my Fossil wallet and how many card slots it had. But the RSD wallet holds just as many, plus my coins and checkbook fit without getting bulky!

Favorite fabric: Too many great ones to choose from ;)

  • Titan 
  • Olive Waxed Canvas  
  • Unruly Earth
  • Metallic Floral or Lilac Bouquet linings.

Sarah Jensen: Sales and Twin Sister 

Favorite purse: I love the Amber backpack! So versatile and perfect for an on-the-go mommy. 

Favorite fabric: I really love my new Pumpkin Spice Jenny! If I needed a new Amber it would’ve been this one, but a backpack!