Two Limited Collections This Month!

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Journey Melissa model.jpgOne of my favorite aspects about my job is I get to help others become designers, and I get to be a designer myself. The more people design their own bags, the more it’s given me creative energy as an artist!

I find Limited Collections both fun and challenging, since the look is completely up to me. I love knowing that there are little pockets of people out there with that exclusive gold tag! And this month, we have TWO limited collections — one going on now, and one coming next week. Don’t delay, because after all, they are limited!

Currently, the Journey Collection is available through Sunday. See it up close on video here! This design features a stone washed olive background Journey Rozzi model.jpgwith a warm toned map, plus brown leather and a green floral lining. It is available in any RSD bag and accessory, and we have plenty in ready-to-ship, so you could have one in your mailbox as early as next week! 

My inspiration for this collection came from a magnolia wreath that I enhanced with a single stem cotton blossom. The combination of hunter green, off-white and olive — I just loved the warm tones as we move into fall. I also just love the word “journey.” Customers can take this bag on their big journeys and everyday journeys as well. 

Starting next week, we are debuting another limited collection: the September Bloom Elizabeth. There will only be 10, so don’t miss it! To see it right away, be sure to sign up on our email list, and join our Facebook VIP group. 

September Bloom Elizabeth Flatlay.jpgThe September Bloom Elizabeth features the beautiful fall florals. September is by far my favorite month, and I wanted a fabric that shows off the subtle beauty of fall blooms, less vibrant than summer, but still just gorgeous. The soft watermelon and raspberry colored blooms plus the mint and sage colored leaves are color combinations that make me swoon! And with the denim blue, this bag goes with everything in every season. 

Both the Journey Collection and the September Bloom Collection have those great fall colors of navy blue and hunter green. You can’t go wrong with these classic tones, and you’ll stand out with originality as you continue on your journey. 

Onward and upward!