Two New RSD Bags!

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I cannot believe I was able to create new designs over the summer, our season that is so full of travel and shows! All I can say is God provided the time, and my assistant Angie is just incredible. I’ve done way less admin, so I’ve had the time to design these two new products!

The first is the Poppi Pro bag. Last year Rebekah Scott Designs introduced its first camera bag, Poppi (named for my dad!). Back in April, a good friend of mine who is a professional photographer asked for a Poppi the size of a Phoebe. I thought it was a great idea, so we made it happen! She told me that a black nylon camera bag doesn’t say much about her creativity when she’s doing a shoot, and so she wanted one that shows off her personality and flair, helping her stand out as an artist.  

The Poppi Pro’s design is the same as the original Poppi, just a bit beefier. It can hold about 20 percent more, measuring 11 inches deep, 7 inches wide, and 14 inches long. It has three pockets, two for lenses and one flat pocket for memory cards or lens caps. Each pocket is lined with thick foam, so everything is your bag is well-protected! We have also made a cute Poppi Pro bundle, which includes a ruffle strap and a Polly to carry any cards or extra batteries. 

When we debuted this bag on Facebook Live, we got to have Amy Lawrence in the studio, which I loved! She did my brother’s wedding photography at the beginning of August, so she’s a special lady to me.

Our other new product is the Essential Oils Bag. This has been a customer request for a long time, and I myself just started getting into essential oils about a year ago. Once I started, I’ve been able to think about what would work well for organization and simplicity for travel. 

I’m still a beginner with oils, BUT I think this bag is a must for all oil users. It is a wristlet design with 10 elastic loops that fit both 15ml and 5ml bottles. It definitely beats having a bunch of little bottles floating around your purse! 

Both of these bags will keep their current names, as the first is a variation of Poppi, and the essential oil bag has such a specific purpose that I wanted to keep it clear for people.

Before I finish this post, let me just say THANK YOU! I’m always so humbled when I think about how I get to do what I love, and I’m home to greet the kids return from school. Have you seen “My Why” video yet? I’ll include it at the bottom of this post again. We’ve had SUCH amazing responses to this well-made video, so thank you for watching and sharing!

Lastly, the feedback coming! We love to hear what you think, and we take your suggestions seriously. Most of our newest products have been inspired by customer requests! A great way to stay updated with RSD is to join our mailing list here.

That’s it for now!